Best Paper Awards List of Demo Conference

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Each year, in late summer or early fall, the Editorial Board chooses a 'best paper'. The following criteria are used to make this difficult decision: the paper represents a significant advance by presenting a new concept or method with important applications, or a breakthrough on a long-standing problem; is well-written, clearly-illustrated, and referenced comprehensively; and is likely to be cited often in the literature for many years.

To recognize their achievement, the authors will each receive a year's membership in the Demo Conference with a subscription to Demo Technology.


The winners of the 2010 Best Paper Award are:

Debarun Bhattacharjya, Jo Eidsvik, and Tapan Mukerji
The value of information in spatial decision making



The winner of the 2009 Best Paper Award is:

Yuan Zee Ma


As our readers have come to expect, many exceptional papers are published each year. Chosen from among so many excellent ones, the winners of the 2008 Best Paper Award are :

Pallaz Sarma, Louis F. Durlofksy and Khlaid Aziz
Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Efficient, Differentiable Parameterization of Multipoint Geostatistics
40(1): 3-32

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Another wonderful year for this award! Once again, two outstanding papers among so many excellent ones made it impossible to choose one without being unfair to the other. Thus, the winners of the 2007 Best Paper Award (in alphabetical order) are:


Ben P. Marchant and Richard Murray Lark
Optimized Sample Schemes for Geostatistical Surveys


A wonderful year for our best paper award! Two outstanding papers amongst many excellent ones made it impossible to choose one without being unfair to the other. Thus, the winners of the 2006 Best Paper Award (in alphabetical order) are :







Jean-Laurent Mallet
Space-time mathematical framework for sedimentary geology


Andre Haas and Philippe Formery
Uncertainties in facies proportion estimation I. Theoretical framework: The Dirichlet distribution


Lin Y. Hu, Georges Blanc and Benoit Noetinger
Gradual deformation and iterative calibration of sequential stochastic simulations


Christopher D. White and Brian J. Willis
A method to estimate length distributions from outcrop data


Patrick Bogaert
On the optimal estimation of the cumulative distribution function in presence of spatial dependence
31(2) 213-239


Ting ting Yao and Andre G. Journel
Automatic modeling of (cross) covariance tables using fast Fourier transform
30(6) 589-615


J.-L. Mallet
Discrete modeling for natural objects
29(2) 199-219


Ivon Halbwachs, Gabriel Courriouz, Xavier Renaud and Philippe Repusseau
Topological and geometric characterization of fault networks using 3-dimensional generalized maps
28(5) 625-656